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IFAF(International Federation of American Football)より2020年7月31日に配信された、The World Games 2022について公開いたします。

International Federation of American Football
The World Games 2022


  • ワールドゲームズ2022アラバマ大会は、組織委員会から既に発表されたとおり、フラッグフットボールを追加種目とし、男女八カ国が出場する。
  • 米国チームは、前回のIFAFフラッグフットボール世界選手権(2018年パナマ)で、男女ともに優勝
  • その他七カ国の予選は、来年に延期となっている、IFAFフラッグフットボール世界選手権を用いる。
  • ワールドゲームズ2022へ招待された国が招待を受けない場合には、来年に予定される IFAFフラッグフットボール世界選手権の結果に沿い、次のランキングの国に招待が送られる。
  • 現状、チーム構成は、選手は12名、コーチや医療関係者を含むスタッフは3名とする。
  • 選手およびスタッフは、ワールドゲームズ2022の開始日である2022/7/7に18歳以上であること。
  • 出場選手資格やルールは、IFAFのものに倣う。
  • 一人あたり120USD/泊を負担する。2022/3/31までに支払うこと。
  • 米国アラバマ州バーミンガムへの渡航は、各国が責任を持つ。
  • 選手への傷害保険付与は、各国が責任を持つ。
  • ワールドゲームズ2022の期間中、滞在することを前提とする。(8泊)
  • 2022に向けてIFAFは競技大会の向上を目指しており、ユニフォームの規程やサイドラインでの振る舞いに対して、より厳しいレギュレーションが定められる可能性がある。
  • IFAFは20名(男子10名、女子10名)の審判を用意する。うち最低4名は米国からとする。
  • 審判の費用負担については協議中であり、2021年初めには公開する。
  • 審判の選考方法についても公開予定だが、申請は各国の協会を通じてのみとする予定。
  • COVID-19の影響で、2020年に開催予定だったIFAFフラッグフットボール世界選手権は延期されている。仮に2021年に開催できなかった場合には、前回のIFAFフラッグフットボール世界選手権(2018年パナマ)のトップ八カ国が招待を受けることになる。
  • 招待を受けない国があった場合には、世界ランキングおよび2018年から2020年にかけての各国の各大陸での活動状況を参考として、IFAF理事会が次の招待国を決定する。



1.1 The announcement of the inclusion of Flag Football in The World Games 2022 programme has generated considerable interest in the discipline of Flag Football.

1.2 This document is intended to provide national federations an overview of the Road to Birmingham.

The Journey to The World Games

2.1 The World Games programme will feature 8 female and 8 male national teams.

2.2 These national teams will represent IFAF recognised national federations, with coaching staff and players selected through national federation processes.

2.3 The selection of the national teams to compete in The World Games is scheduled to be achieved through competitive results in the IFAF Flag Football World Championships, with the postponed 2020 edition currently being re-arranged for 2021.

2.4 There will be 7 (seven) available competition berths available for the female competition and 7 (seven) competition berths available for the male competition. The national teams representing the United States and delivered by USA Football have pre-qualified as 2018 reigning World Champions.

2.5 The 7 (seven) berths for male teams and the 7 (seven) berths for female teams will be allocated to the top-ranked nations (excluding the United States) at the conclusion of the IFAF World Championships.

Key Information

3.1 For those nations that qualify by ranking for The World Games an invitation to compete shall be extended. This will be a time-limited invitation and should it be accepted, will result in a contractual obligation to compete.

3.2 If an invitation is not accepted the invitation will be extended to further teams, prioritised on a ranking basis, determined by results in the IFAF World Championships (2021).

3.3 Each competing squad will be allocated a fixed number of roster spots. These cannot be exceeded.

3.3.1 At present there are 12 players allowed.

3.3.2 At present there are 3 team staff allowed, inclusive of coaching staff, team medic or other.

3.4 The minimum age for players and team staff is 18 years at the commencement of The World Games (scheduled for 7 July 2022).

3.5 IFAF Regulations on eligibility will be in force.

3.6 IFAF Flag competition rules and regulations will be in force.

3.7 There will be a cost incurred for competing nations.

3.7.1 For each person on a national team roster there is a fee of $120 USD per night (paid no later than 31 March 2022).

3.7.2 Each nation is responsible for its own flights to Birmingham.

3.7.3 Each nation must have player insurance.

3.8 Each nation should work on the premise that each attending team will remain in Birmingham for the duration of The World Games – 8 nights.

3.9 As we build to 2022 and seek to enhance our own Championships status there will be an increased focus on on-field presentation and consistency. This will see tighter regulations on uniform compliance and sideline activity.

3.10 There will be further documentation issued in due relating to competition-specific protocols – sponsorships, promotion etc.


4.1 IFAF will be seeking to identify 20 (twenty) officials from around the world.

4.2 A minimum of 4 (four) of the officials will be drawn from the United States.

4.3 IFAF is committed to an equal split of officials – 10 (ten) male and 10 (ten) female.

4.4 IFAF is currently working on a formula funding framework for officials which will be published in early 2021.

4.5 A formal process for nominating officials will be established. This will allow competency to be assessed and will require nominations exclusively through national federations.

Pandemic Contingency

5.1 The current coronavirus pandemic has seen the postponement of the 2020 IFAF World Flag Football Championships. Should the 2021 postponed event not take place the following mechanism will be used to select entrants for the 2020 World Games.

5.2 The Top 8 ranked nations from the 2018 IFAF World Flag Football Championships in Panama will be extended an invite. These would be:

Women: United States; Panama; Canada; Mexico; Austria; Brazil; Japan; Denmark

Men: United States; Austria; Denmark; Mexico; Israel; Canada; Panama; Japan

5.3 If a team declines the IFAF Board will determine the next suitable entrant based upon World Rankings and continental activity from 2018 to 2020.

*The above information is provisional and IFAF reserves the right to amend subject to circumstance.


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